September 3rd, 2020

Top Dalmatian wines

Due to the abundance of solar heat and rocky soil on which grapes are grown, Dalmatian wines are certainly among the best in Croatia and beyond. Apart from the fact that it is known to eat well in Dalmatia, you should definitely drink a few drops of top Dalmatian wine.


Wine is not an ordinary product, the highest quality vegetable juices are poured into it, and its production requires special climatic conditions, knowledge and tradition of the producers. It is well known that for good and quality wine you need to combine a knowledgeable choice of wine type for a particular area, and according to the number of sunny days a year, average annual temperature and soil system, so nevertheless wine producing can be called art. From the rich palette of Dalmatian wines, we present the following "divine" drinks:



Dingač - one of the most famous Croatian red wines, known as the "king of all Croatian wines", highly valued and sought after. It is produced from the Plavac mali grape variety, which is grown on the rocky part of the Pelješac peninsula. It is specific for its high alcohol content, dark red to purple-red color. It tastes bitter and astringent and has a fruity aroma. It is served with red meat, venison, goulash and hard cheeses.


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Babić is a red wine made of blue grapes that grow in the region of Dalmatia, in the area around Šibenik, to be more specific. This wine is characterized by fullness of taste. Babić wines have traces of dark berries, plums and figs, as well as various spices. Maturation in barrels improves the longevity of the wine and its spicy taste. This variety, especially when top quality wine is produced, thrives best on sparse, stony soil in the area above Primošten, the so-called Primošten terraces. Babić is best drunk with Dalmatian prosciutto and more spicy cheeses, pasticada and grilled meat.


Babić, red wine, primošten, šibenik, croatia, top dalmatian wines,




Pošip - a premium white wine from the grape variety of the same name. White grapes for this wine are grown on the Dalmatian coast and this wine is closely associated with the islands of Hvar and Korcula - the best places for making Pošip. Special taste, delicate aroma and floral notes are his main characteristics. It goes perfectly with black risotto, seafood, but also with simple dishes with white meat or grilled fish. 


pošip, korčula, croatian islands, top dalmatian wines,




Grk - grown in Lumbarda, a small village on the island of Korcula. It is not known whether it was named after the refined bitter taste that makes it recognizable or after the Greeks who brought winemaking to Dalmatia in the time before Christ. The Greek is a female flower and must be planted next to the pollinator, in this case with the Plavac mali variety. Such incomplete fertilization produces smaller berries that are sour and they make this white wine specifically bitter and refreshing. It is best paired with seafood and fish dishes.




Plavac mali

Plavac mali - one of the most famous Croatian red wines on both domestic and foreign markets. Apart from its excellent quality, it is also grown as a Greek pollinator with which it shares an affinity for the sandy lumbar fields bathed in the sun. Its color resembles the color of ruby, it is rich and full of flavor with velvety aroma. It is served with spicy dishes and

homemade pasticada or platters with prosciutto and hard cheese.


plavac mali, red wine, top dalmatian wines,




Vugava - this white wine is produced from the indigenous Vugava variety, which thrives exclusively on the most remote central Dalmatian Croatian island, Vis. Vugava is characterized by a fresh, fruity aroma and creamy structure. The glory of the excess vugava extends to ancient times. Namely, some hold that the Greek historian Agatarhid mentioned this wine when he wrote that the wine of the island of Issa is the best compared to all the others. Vugava is an ideal refreshment on the summer heat, and is served with white fish, seafood specialties and lamb under the baking lid.


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