December 5th, 2019

5 ideas how to spend time in Biograd na Moru

Biograd na Moru



Situated in very heart of Adriatic coast Biograd has become an attractive holiday destination that is tailored for everyone special preferences. Zadar Villas team came with 5 best ideas how to spend time in Biograd;


1.         Nature park Vrana lake

Vrana Lake is a Natural Park in Croatia with hundreds of birds and incredible fauna and flora,  so it's no wonder that Vranaa Lake is listed on UNESCO list. There are two beautiful lakes with its natural blue waters and you can cycle around them, do a birdwatching, horse riding or just enjoying the beautiful nature.



2.         Exploring city history and cultural monuments

Biograd was also known as a crown city and was a seat of Croatian kings and bishops, so there is no doubt that Biograd has a rich history and a lot of historical treasure to explore such as remains of fortification and churches. We recommend visiting Biograd Regional museum, especially History department and collection "The Treasure of a 16th century Sunken Ship". In Biograd you will also see very beautiful churches such as Church of St. Anastasia, Church of St. Johan the Baptist, Ćokovac Monastery and many more.



3.         Mirnovec fun park

Fun Park Biograd is a theme park offering a spectacular entertainment experience for the whole family. You can try adrenaline rides, Game Hall or if you're feeling futuristic try virtual interactive journey based on computer simulated experience.  You will also be entertained by magicians, jugglers, circus performers, stand-up comedians and similar exhibitionists from various parts of the world. Not to forget to mention amazing catering facilities and souvenirs shops.


4.         National park Krka

The absolute must see if you're visiting Biograd is National Park Krka which is just 50 km away from the city and it's breathtakingly beautiful. The nature that surrounds Krka river is rich and diverse, so you can see numerous endemic, rare and threatened species. Within the park you will see beautiful Roški Slap, Skradinski Buk, restaurants, souvenir shops and you can try organized  boat excursion to Visovac Island, Roški Slap, the Krka Monastery and the Trošenj Fortress


5.         Adventure park Biograd

If you are into adventure we recommend Adventure Park Biograd because it offers many interesting activities such as paint ball, zipline, the demanding obstacle course which is located in the middle of the woods and even quad rides around Vrana Lake.


We want to know what type of a traveler are you?  Nature lover? Hedonist? Adventurous?

Let us know!


Best Regards

Zadar Villas team

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