October 23rd, 2020

Walking on the sky- Skywalk Biokovo

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Who at least once in their life hasn't dreamed of what it's like to walk on the clouds, on the sky ... while below you see beautiful nature and sea? Don't let your wishes just stop at fantasies and dreams, in Nature Park Biokovo you have the opportunity to do just that! Nature Park Biokovo surprises its visitors with its natural beauty, plant and animal species, and since July 2020 the main attraction is Skywalk, a small promenade built entirely of glass. 


Biokovo Nature Park is one of 11 nature parks in the Republic of Croatia and includes the eponymous mountain massif Biokovo.  Some of the main features of the Biokovo Nature Park are the Amfora Cave (-788 m), the deepest cave on Biokovo Mokre noge (-842 m) and many endemic plant and animal species and significant paleontological sites. The park is located in the Split-Dalmatia County near Makarska, one of the most famous tourist destinations on the coast.


Biokovo, Makarska, Dalmatia, Skywalk, www.zadarvillas.com


What is Skywalk Biokovo?


"Skywalk Biokovo" is a horseshoe-shaped lookout outside the cliff with a glass surface for walking. It is located in the southwestern part of the Biokovo Nature Park on the 13th km of the Biokovo road and next to the info - center, at an altitude of 1228 meters above sea level where specific weather conditions prevail. Next to it is a geological column - a three-dimensional view of the cross-section of the rocks that formed the area of ​​Biokovo from its inception until today, with a geological table of time and a description of the age and type of rocks. The lookout has the ability to receive up to 30 visitors at a time. To Skywalk lookout, visitors come with the so-called Biokovo road, which leads from the main entrance to the Biokovo Nature Park on the state road D512 (Makarska-Vrgorac) to the highest peak Sveti Jure. Climbing the Biokovo road to the Sv. Jure, the highest peak of Biokovo, lasts about an hour.


Biokovo, Skywalk, glass outlook, promenade, attraction, Dalmatia, www.zadarvillas.com


The construction of the Skywalk is one of the activities within the project "New Adrion- Promoting the sustainable use of the natural heritage of PP Biokovo", which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and is the largest and most financially demanding project in the history of the Public Institution "Biokovo Nature Park".


From the Heavenly Promenade of Skywalk, you can enjoy the views of Tučepi, Podgora and Makarska, the Dalmatian islands of Hvar, Brač, Vis, Korčula, Pelješac, and in particularly nice weather, after the famous Biokovo bura clears the horizon, the view reaches Cape Monte Gargano in Italy. 


Biokovo, skywalk, Makarska, attraction, promenade, outlook, www.zadarvillas.com


Visitors can enjoy on the promenade just for 5 minutes, with mandatory cleaning of shoes before walking on the glass surface. The park can be visited by car, bicycle, motorcycle, hiking or on foot. The most common way to visit is by car, because the Biokovo road is 23 kilometers long, and only those people who are in good physical condition can do so by walking or cycling.


The price of a tour of the park for an adult is 50 kuna, regardless of the means of transport within the park. 


Have fun!

your ZadarVillas team

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