November 28th, 2019

Vinjerac - the unique charmer from the North

It’s perfect day for a walk through the smallest place of North Dalmatia - Vinjerac!


Vinjerac is one of the most interesting places in Dalmatia with great sea view in front and mighty Velebit Mountain guarding its back. Because of its position, Vinjerac has a strong bura wind that provides healthy salty air.


Vinjerac has a rich history and as we continue our walk through this Zadar County jewel, you can see many houses that are proof of it. Interesting stone built villas are now empty and beautiful monumental of the 19th century. You will notice that all the streets and yards are very clean which speaks a lot about how much residents care about this place.


Zadar Villas offers a great selection of houses near Vinjarec so you can add this charming place to your travel list, explore the historical treasure and visit local taverns with dalmatian food. Also fun fact about Vinjerac people is that they are great chefs, so its known from past legends that if there was a ship with a chef from Vinjerac people would board on it just to eat the specialities.


Vinjerac has a picturesque center and harbor with great maritime tradition. People of Vinjerac in the past didn’t have a lot of use of barren soil that surrounds it, so they have turned to fishing and maritime and that is how Vinjerac development started.


Zadar Villas team had a pleasure of staying in Vinjerac, and we honestly recommend visiting this Mediterranean charmer with rich history and amazing panorama that opens to your view as you’re approaching the place. We can also recommend hiking, cycling or just enjoying beaches and beautiful Adriatic Sea there.


Feel free to check out our villas there and let us know if Vinjerac is something you would like to see!


Best Regards

Zadar Villas team

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