April 1st, 2020

Interesting things to do while you’re at home

We are all faced with the current situation due to corona virus. Most of us work from home, schools and kindergartens are closed, we can’t go to café bar’s, gym, movie theater, we can’t attend concerts, plays, various events and usual things of which our daily routine consists. It’s advised that we stay at home, maintain social distance if we must go out, wash our hands frequently and follow instructions from our local authorities. Yes, remaining at home is an important measure to protect yourself and others from the virus but may lead to boredom, laziness or even feeling imprisoned in our own home. Here are some useful things that you can do while you’re stuck inside, that you can do on your own or with your family.


1. Learn how to cook/try new recipes: No matter if you hate to cook or belong to the category of master chef, this is the right time for trying something new. Ok, you can’t go to grandma’s place right now to borrow her cook book but you can find various recipes online. If you have a sweet tooth or you prefer meat, everything you need to know about cooking you can learn on the internet. Why not try some traditional dalmatian specialties? You can even phone your mom and ask her for some tips and tricks on how to prepare "pašticada".  It all begins with marinated beef stuffed with carrots and bacon, doused with wine and then cooked for at least a quarter of a day. Ok, maybe you can start with something easier if you are a beginner. How about black risotto?


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2. Read a book: Even if you are not a fan of reading why not go back to your childhood when we had to read various literary works, essays and novels. Nowadays you can even read books online but why not do it the old-fashioned way, find yourself a comfortable sofa or bed, lie back and relax while you travel in to the world of imagination. I know the libraries are closed now but I’m sure you have some books lying on the shelves and collecting dust over the years. Maybe you have some pop literature that you impulsively bought at the kiosk or some book classics from the school like "Grička vještica" or "Priče iz davnine". Either way this is the time to reminiscence some old memories or enjoy in some light- reads if you're just not in the mood for something heavy.



3. Tour an exhibit online: Visit some of the world's most famous museums from the comfort of your own home. Have you ever been to the Louvre? I have, but maybe you haven’t been able to visit just about every section that interested you, and now it’s time to do that. So I will probably  take a closer look again at the Mona Lisa and her enigmatic smile, or  take a virtual tour of  some iconic exhibits, including Michelangelo’s ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. Never the less if you are more interested in our Croatian art heritage you can visit online our Museum of ancient glass in Zadar and its most outstanding exhibits and the greatest collection of ancient glass in this part of Europe. The museum contains one of the premium collections of Roman glassware outside Italy, with a plenty of goblets, jars and vials retrieved from archaeological sites across Dalmatia. Highlights include the delicate vessels used by Roman ladies to store perfumes, skin creams and essential oils.


4. Plan your next vacation:  Whether you are planning a getaway in August or dreaming of a longer-term trip, you need plenty of time and all the resources you need for flights, accommodations, restaurants and even excursion. This is the best time to do that. I know that maybe the economic situation after this will not be as it was, but I’m sure you’re be able to take a short trip somewhere around Croatia just to get away and forget all the bad things that happened. You can maybe rent a villa far away from the public eye and enjoy in some quality time with your friends or family. Maybe you like to relax somewhere in the countryside picking fruits and vegetables from your own garden or sunbathing by the pool and drinking cocktails right next to the beach. You can choose from premium luxury villas and villas that picture traditional architecture and are decorated in the spirit of Dalmatia. Why not pamper yourselves in stunning Mediterranean villa that offers plenty of luxury with all the comforts of home. Maybe later you can take a swim in a sumptuous swimming pool with chaise lounges for sunbathing… and sleep. And all that and much more you can find in our beautiful country.


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Stay safe and healthy!


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